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After Scorpius gained their courage and you may questioned Rose away, but she declined, giving your a fairly look of embarrassment

After Scorpius gained their courage and you may questioned Rose away, but she declined, giving your a fairly look of embarrassment

During the adopting the decades, Scorpius, who had an excellent smash for the Rose, made an effort to woo the woman into multiple circumstances also to overcome the girl mistrust out-of your, but in order to no get which resulted in often shameful himself and Albus along the way.

Fourth year

At the beginning of their fourth-year, on the Hogwarts Express, Rose made an effort to get in touch with Albus and enhance their family members, who’d be increasingly stressful because the Albus got a tough time inside the Hogwarts alternatively with Rose and you will was also increasing apart out of his family. To locate their attract, she tried to participate in small talks, advising him that Ministry today contributed because of the their mom has just confiscated a period-Turner, a story which considerably interested Albus who leftover to express it with Scorpius.

not, just like the Albus hit the area the guy distributed to Scorpius, Flower implemented your, seeking talk to your, however, Albus realized you to definitely Flower were functioning on their parents’ behalf and you may all of a sudden shared with her to depart him by yourself. Watching Flower, Scorpius tried to flirt along with her again, telling this lady that she smelled such as “fresh turf and new bread” compelling Rose to go out of.

Afterwards, Albus and you can Scorpius travelled back into the latest Triwizard Event, trying stop Cedric Diggory’s passing, utilising the Day-Turner they’d taken off Rose’s mom and you will aided from the mysterious Delphini. Although not, its procedures ultimately changed the new timeline and you can eliminated Ron and you will Hermione off shedding in love, removing Rose and her cousin off fact, a well known fact which greatly disappointed Scorpius. Later on, after they remedied their mistakes and you may discovering that she try straight back, Scorpius made an effort to hug an unknowing Rose immediately after she named your “Bread lead”, but she kicked your from the shin.

Flower did apparently flaccid a tiny just after Scorpius with his dad aided the lady family members to eliminate Delphini, after they found that she try manipulating the 2 males within the a just be sure to restore her secret father, Lord Voldemort. not, Scorpius is happier, enjoying Rose’s stare because an indicator that she are to-be responsive to their advances so that as the first step of the future together. Indeed, as he is recounting it so you’re able to Albus, Flower passed by and you will spoke so you can Albus and you may an effective surprised Scorpius, ahead of calling your “Scorpion Queen”, their nickname inside the a different sort of fact and he is popular, and leaving which have an entertained look.


Flower is alleged to have inherited the girl father’s yellow tresses, [3] your own hair the colour notoriously common by all the Weasley clan. When Albus and you can Scorpius travelled straight back thanks to date, Scorpius mistook a young Hermione getting Flower, hinting there is actually a strong resemblance anywhere between Rose along with her mother.

Identification and you will characteristics

Rose was considered possess passed on this lady mother’s cleverness, such Hermione’s rumoured photo thoughts. [7] It actually was plus listed that she placed on the woman robes before required, such as for example the girl mom did during the the girl age. In the event that the woman dad’s reassurance to conquer Scorpius Malfoy academically [7] got one effect, she could have and turned out to be as an alternative aggressive and you will academically advanced level such as for example the lady mother. She appeared to be somewhat near to her cousin Albus Potter, who was about the same years and you can just who shared the girl anxiety from the where he’d feel arranged in school. When she started to King’s Mix Station Albus is “greatly treated” observe this lady, and you will Rose smiled at him. [7] Rose embodied just a little little bit of their mommy – Flower was committed; and because the girl mother try Hermione Granger, definition she got a lot to call home upwards, when it comes to end. She is actually quite similar to help you her mommy regarding proven fact that she put many stress with the herself and just how she just wanted to perform the best thing. Flower is like the woman mommy, but safer and more grounded. She was given birth to to good wizarding family members and you can understood her put internationally.

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